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Manitowoc Load Tests 31000

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Manitowoc 31000 crawler

July 26, 2010 — Manitowoc Cranes, Manitowoc, Wis., has completed overload testing of the 2,535-ton 31000 crawler. The crane lifted 5.5 million pounds of test weight and was fitted with over 600 strain gauges that measure the tension or compression of the steel components of the crane while lifting. Larry Weyers, senior vice president of the Americas region, said the test went as expected, and engineers were pleased with how the crane performed under load. “The lift went very smoothly, and our unique Variable Position Counterweight worked perfectly,” he said. “Exactly as we expected.” Kevin Blaney, manager of product marketing for crawler cranes, said that data from the test will be analyzed to determine if any design changes are required in the production units of the Manitowoc 31000.

“We'll check the stresses in the structure to verify the preliminary capacities,” he said. “Then we will correct them up or down or modify structural components to assure that actual stresses are within accepted limits.”

Boom lengths on the 31000 will range from 180 to 344 feet. Various fixed and luffing jib setups will also be available.


The first unit is scheduled to be delivered to Bulldog Erectors, Newberry, S.C. toward the end of this year. Crane Rental Corp., Orlando, Fla., will take delivery on the second unit sometime in 2011.


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