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Liebherr Launches Flat-Top Crane Model

Liebherr 380 EC-B 16 Litronic flat-top crane


June 25, 2012—Introduced this Spring at Intermat, Newport News, Va.-based Liebherr’s 380 EC-B 16 Litronic flat-top crane is the series flagship, extending the series range to 380 ton-meters. In addition to lifting capacity, the 380 EC-B offers versatility, a compact superstructure for convenient transport, Litronic controls, and features for enhanced ease and safety during erection.


The 380 EC-B provides a maximum radius of 75 meters, and can lift up to 3,400 kilograms at the end of the jib. The model can be specified in either a 12- or 16-ton capacity rating.


The 380 EC-B also can be fitted with an IC or HC tower system. The 256 IC and 355 IC towers from Liebherr are characterized by their 1.9 meter x 1.9 meter small tower cross-sections, which make them well-suited for erection in lift shafts. The climbing function of the IC tower system allows it to climb both on the building and in it.


Liebherr 380 EC-B 16 Litronic crane cab


With the IC tower system, free-standing heights under hook of close on 70 meters can be achieved. And if the situation calls for even greater heights under hook, the 380 EC-B has the option to be mounted on the Liebherr 355 HC / 500 HC tower system for a free-standing height under hook of almost 85 meters. The 380 EC-B also supports the use of existing modules from these tower systems.


Despite its ability to achieve a maximum radius of 75 meters, the 380 EC-B features a compact crane superstructure that can be loaded onto only five trucks. The model is engineered to ensure that the dimensions of each individual part meet the requirements of container transport. The whole of the EC-B head, including the IC slewing ring support and the jib, can be accommodated in 40-foot containers.


To reduce assembly weights on the 380 EC-B head, Liebherr designed modules that can easily be divided to allow for the use of small mobile cranes during setup. The heaviest component, at 7.4 tons, is the ball slewing ring with the slewing platform. As soon as the slewing platform has been installed, the fitter has a safe place to stand inside the element. Two railings are pivoted upwards, and the fitter can then wait in his secure position for the further modules to arrive. New quick-action connections allow the switchgear cabinet and the cab to be fitted rapidly and securely, followed by the installation of the A-frame.


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