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Top Trainer Partnership with ACRP Continues to 2014

Construction News: Top Trainer

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January 11, 2013—Maximum Capacity Media, publisher of Crane & Rigging Hot Line magazine, announces that the Association of Crane & Rigging Professionals (ACRP) will continue its endorsement of the annual Top Trainer recognition program into 2014. ACRP has supported the program since 2011.



Each year, trainers are recognized in two categories, Professional and Corporate, for having a positive impact on students, the work environment, or the industry. ACRP’s mission of improving crane operations and rigging activities through education is closely aligned with the purpose of the Top Trainer program.


“It is a natural fit and honor for ACRP to endorse the Top Trainer awards program,” said Danny Bishop, ACRP Chairman of the Board and Corporate Director of Training for The Crosby Group, Tulsa, Okla. “The crane and rigging industry is safer because of the efforts of trainers, consultants, inspectors, and others who teach others how to apply standards and regulations and who provide sound, practical advice for improving crane and rigging operations. The program acknowledges their work and contribution to the industry.”


“Whether it’s recognizing innovative equipment or outstanding individuals, Maximum Capacity Media (MCM) has a long history of supporting and promoting excellence in the crane, rigging, and lifting equipment markets. ACRP’s expertise in the development of national quality standards for training and qualification processes is invaluable to the Top Trainer program,” said Katie Parrish, Editorial Director of MCM.


ACRP member representatives will assist the MCM editorial staff with judging the nominations. The association will also provide complimentary registrations to each of the Top Trainer winners in 2013 and 2014 to attend the 2014 and 2015 General Assembly meetings. Other prizes, including training or educational scholarships, are supported by sponsors.


According to Guy Ramsey, MCM President and Publisher, last year’s Top Trainer program was a resounding success. “Several changes to the rules and submission process contributed to a 48 percent increase in nominations in 2012 over the previous year. In addition, the quality of submissions has dramatically improved since the Top Trainer program was established in 2008,” he said.


The 2012 winners, Brian Fuller, Southeast Regional Safety Manager for All Erection & Crane Rental Corp., and Don Jordan, President of American International Crane, will be recognized at an awards ceremony at the 2013 ACRP General Assembly meeting to be held May 7-10 in San Antonio, Texas.


Nominations for this year’s program can be made online and will be accepted through August 31, 2013.Go to


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