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JMG Cranes to Debut in North America in January 2014

Construction News: JMG USA

jmg usa fascan
December 10, 2013 - Fascan International announced that it will launch the full line of JMG Cranes to the U.S. market under an exclusive agreement with JMG Cranes of Piacenza, Italy. Fascan, currently the exclusive U.S. distributor of Fassi Cranes, will begin delivery of JMG Cranes in January 2014. Fascan will distribute JMG cranes through its new company, JMG USA.


The JMG crane’s unique design of self- propelled pick-and-carry cranes provides front-wheel power, enabling higher load capacity than similar-sized cranes. JMG cranes, which are available in capacity ranges from 2 to 60 tons, are capable of hoisting and placing loads without the need for stabilizers,


Available in either driveable or radio remote-controlled models, JMG crane models are powered by either a battery or a “plug-in” rechargeable power source and consume no fossil fuels. They offer advantages to users in a wide range of industries: power generation and distribution, water and sewage treatment, chemical manufacturers, refineries, precast or prefabricated concrete or other structures, glass installation, and aerospace, among others.


"The addition of JMG products to the U.S. market will give companies added versatility through the expanded options to our existing line of small-, medium- and heavy-duty equipment," said Bernie Faloney, Fascan’s president and CEO. "In addition to broadening the choices we offer to our customers, this initiative enables us to better service our existing customers and access new markets." 

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