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Line Tie-Back System Maintains Safety on Site

Construction News: Crawler Crane

Enlarge Image
Line Tie-Back System on
a Manitowoc crawler crane


July 16, 2014 -  Second Chance Line Restraint LLC has introduced an innovative line tie-back system, which keeps the tied-back line or block from breaking free if the crane is boomed down without slacking the lines, or the operator accidentally pulls the control of the tied-back line.


In the crawler crane market, particularly in pile driving or duty-cycle work, multiple lines are often used. In instances where only one line is needed, the other lines are tied back out of the way.


“The tied-back lines are often forgotten because they are out of sight,” said John Unger of Second Chance Line Restraint. As you boom down, the tip of the crane goes away from the drum, tightening the line to the point where the rigging or whatever it is tied back to will fail at its breaking strength. This will cause the line and rigging to shoot out twice the length of the boom, which not only can damage the crane but also injure the operator or other personnel.


The line tie-back system is made of a series of nylons that are stitched to break in such a way that it provides two warnings. Thelines will first slap the boom to alert the operator or personnel on the ground. The second break also contains the load.


According to Unger, the product has been on the market since March and is being manufactured and distributed by Safeway Sling USA. Currently, there are two sizes available.

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