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TNT Crane & Rigging Acquires Stampede Crane, Eagle West

Construction News: Crane Rigging

August 27, 2014 - Earlier this month, TNT Crane & Rigging Inc. signed a definitive agreement to acquire Stampede Crane & Rigging Inc., Stampede Crane & Rigging Ltd., Eagle West Truck & Crane Inc., Eagle West Precast Ltd., and certain assets of J&B Trucking. The transaction is expected to close in September 2014.

Stampede/Eagle West is a full service provider of crane and rigging services to customers in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. This acquisition provides the company with an entrance into the growing energy end-markets in Western Canada. Stampede/Eagle West will serve as a platform for TNT's anticipated future growth in Canada.

Stampede/Eagle West operates an integrated network of nine branches and 78 cranes. Customers will benefit from a more diversified fleet, continued investment in new fleet, and the combined experience and expertise to execute larger and more complex projects. Upon completion of the Stampede/Eagle West transaction, TNT's fleet will grow to over 580 cranes ranging in size from 8 to 1,300 tons operating throughout North America.

"We are very bullish on the Canadian market fundamentals and believe that Stampede/Eagle West is the ideal company with which to partner," said Kregg Lunsford, president of TNT. "They not only have outstanding customer relationships in the energy, power, infrastructure, construction and commercial end-markets, but also have employees that take great pride in their work with deep ties to their communities.  tampede/Eagle West's management team coupled with its talented operators will enable us to quickly establish TNT's presence in this important strategic region. The key managers bring invaluable expertise and professionalism, and we are excited about our prospects for the future."



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