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Pink Boom Truck to Give Cancer Research a Lift

April 22, 2015 - Baltimore-based Fascan International and Marshfield, Wis.-based V&H Inc.- Heavy Trucks, will auction a one-of-a-kind, “Reaching for a Cure” pink boom truck on April 29 at the 2015 Intex Expo in Long Beach, Calif. The proceeds will benefit the Marshfield, Wis. Clinic Research Foundation and its efforts toward finding a cure for breast cancer. 


Bids will be accepted at the V&H booth at the Expo until 5:30 on Wednesday, April 29th, when a winning entry will be drawn. The boom truck, a Western Star 4700SB mounted with a Fassi 360SE.24 wallboard crane, was exclusively designed by V&H Trucks and has an estimated value of more than $312,000.


“We wanted to use our expertise in fabricating this kind of vehicle to support the Marshfield Clinic Research Fund and the important work of diagnosing and treating cancer,” said Tim Wolf, general sales manager at V&H. “Designing, building, and selling this truck will raise a lot of awareness in a very different marketplace.”


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