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Empire Crane Erects Wolffkran Tower Crane in New Jersey Yard

Company News: Empire Crane Co.

August 25, 2015 - The Bridgewater, N.J. skyline now features Wolffkran’s Model 355B tower crane located at Empire Crane Co.’s yard. Wolfkran tower cranes are NYC Cranes & Derricks-approved and ANSI B30.3-2012-compliant.


The Model 355B is the ideal tower crane for concrete and general construction work with 197 ft. of luffing boom. It offers 951-fpm line speed in addition to Wolff Boost Function allowing a 10% increase in load-carrying capacity. These features, along with the multiple tower combinations, offer superior free standing heights.


Wolffkran is headquartered in Switzerland, with manufacturing facilities in Germany. The Wolffkran crane system consists of a modular tower system and a full range of top slewing saddle-jib and luffing-jib tower cranes providing solutions for various construction jobs.

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