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iCraneTrax Expands, Now Provides Telematics for Manitowoc CraneSTAR

Crane Company: Manitowoc

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iCraneTrax interfaces with Manitowoc CraneSTAR


March 15, 2017 - A1A Software LLC, developer of iCraneTrax, and Manitowoc have announced that CraneSTAR, Manitowoc’s crane asset management system, will now interface through iCraneTrax.


CraneSTAR’s website was first developed in 2010. and rather than update the site, Manitowoc selected iCraneTrax for fleet management. iCraneTrax replaces Manitowoc’s legacy website and the CraneSTAR Express website.


Among the enhanced features CraneSTAR customers can use are automatic report generation and delivery, and maintenance logs and alerts. “Automating alerts based on actual equipment usage is an efficient way for fleet managers to be proactive with upcoming maintenance items or for designated personnel to receive real-time notification enabling faster corrective action,” said Tawnia Weiss, president of A1A Software.


iCraneTrax provides the structure for as much as 75% more data points being captured by CraneSTAR to be accessible to fleet managers. One of those new data points is the ability to view specific engine performance data via the J1939 connection on properly configured cranes.

At ConExpo, A1A Software displayed the expanded maintenance, reporting, and dispatching features of its fleet management software. Drawing data from equipment telematics systems, iCraneTrax generates automated notifications regarding upcoming maintenance tasks, based on prescribed service intervals and actual equipment usage. Notifications are designated for receipt by specific individuals or departments.

“Automating maintenance alerts based on actual equipment usage is a more efficient way for fleet managers to be proactive with upcoming maintenance items,” said Weiss.


In addition to maintenance alerts, an improved reporting system allows users to customize a variety of other automatically generated email alerts in real-time. “Some examples include if a machine leaves a geofence or if a driver exceed the speed the limit. Notifications to appropriate personnel provide the opportunity to take corrective action,” said Weiss.


Also new is the ability to track fuel tax owed each jurisdiction in which the motor carrier operates in order to comply with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). Using telematics data, iCraneTrax processes the number of miles driven in each jurisdiction and automatically generates reports at customer-prescribed intervals.

Finally, dispatchers and human resources departments will appreciate the new time block feature. During an established job schedule, individual pieces of equipment and personnel can be assigned for the duration or for more specific segments of time. “This assists with payroll, and provides more accurate availability of equipment that can be called out on rent to another job,” said Weiss. 


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