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IMT Introduces New Products at ConExpo

Crane Company: IMT

March 15, 2017 – Iowa Mold Tooling Co. has introduced the new Dominator III mechanics truck, an enhanced Dominator I package, and 12,000-lb. telescopic crane. Jim Hasty, general manager of IMT, said, “Increasing the capacity of the Dominator III and 12,000-lb. crane package is a direct response to our customer’s evolving needs.”

The Dominator III package was enhanced to meet the needs of customers who require more lifting capacity than the 10,000-lb. maximum offered by the Dominator II. The weight of the new Dominator III model has been reduced by more than 500 lb., making it significantly lighter than previous models, while maintaining stability and providing extra lift performance in critical work zones.

“The new Dominator III body includes enhancements to provide operators improved durability along with all the benefits they expect from IMT,” said Hasty. “We upgraded several aspects of the Dominator III and Dominator I to expand our truck’s capabilities in response to our customer’s growing application needs.”

IMT updated the Dominator I mechanics truck crane body, which now supports an 8600 crane package. The 12,000-lb. telescopic crane also underwent upgrades and now has an increased capacity, most evident when lifting between 15 and 60 degrees. The IMT 12,000-lb. crane can clear a 12,000-lb. load easily, excelling in zones where operators work. It continues to feature a 30'11" maximum horizontal reach. Its increased capabilities also complement the improved, lighter Dominator III body.


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