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Link-Belt Approves Use of Samson K-100 Synthetic Rope on Telescopic Cranes

Crane Company: Link-Belt

March 15, 2017 - Link-Belt has approved the use of Samson's K-100 synthetic crane hoist line for its telescopic cranes. Specifically designed for mobile cranes, the K-100 is the only OEM-approved, commerically operating synthetic crane hoist cable. With the addition of Link-Belt, K-100 is approved for use on select crane models from five crane manufacturers.

K-100 is a lightweight alternative to traditional steel-wire rope which provides multiple benefits for safe, easy, and efficient handling.  With the same line pull and load chart as wire, K-100 can be used with a 5:1 design factor.  It is 80% lighter than the wire it replaces, making handling, reeving, and installation faster and safer. K-100 does not rust and requires no lubing. The unique construction eliminates kinking, birdcaging, and damage caused by diving on the winch drum.  Because of its torque-neutral construction, K-100 eliminates load spin and cabling.

Link-Belt’s current approval extends to retrofitting the hoist lines on telescoping cranes. The hoist line must be sized appropriately, based on line pull requirements (with a design factor of 5:1), and installed in accordance with K-100 guidelines provided by Samson.


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