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New Product Advisory From The Dawg Pound



Dawg Pound Tire

Dawg Pound Tires adds a crane tire to its construction line. Introducing the new Crane Dawg—a crane tire approved with industry leading DOT specs for maximum carrying capacity and speed rating. The Crane Dawg features an aggressive self-cleaning tread design for optimum traction in rough, demanding applications. This tire is approved for highway service and provides excellent resistance to damage and reduced wheel spin.

Ideal for over-the-road cranes, haulage trucks and crash trucks, the Crane Dawg is available in 1400R24, 1400R25, 1600R25, and 20.5R25 sizes.  



The Crane Dawg offers both quality and value and is gaining popularity in the market. These tires ship directly from a U.S. warehouse and are available from a Dawg Pound Dealer in your area.


Launched in 1994, Dawg Pound Tires is known for its wide variety of construction, material handling and agricultural tires. The Dawg Pound line of construction tires are designed to help you get the job done. Heavy Duty, with deep treads and reinforced sidewalls make these tires more versatile and durable in tough conditions. Due to the brand’s overwhelming success and demand in the market, a premium steel radial TBR line was added and several radial OTR tires—produced exclusively for the Dawg Pound Tires line by key manufacturers focused on the highest levels of quality and performance.


For more information regarding the Crane Dawg and the entire Dawg Pound Tires line, visit or send an email to


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