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Tadano Mantis Construction Mixed-Use Building in Boston

Crane Company: Tadano

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Tadano Mantis 15010 rented by TREVIICOS

May 17, 2017 - Empire Crane Co. has rented a 2014 Tadano Mantis 15010 to TREVIICOS for the new construction of a mixed-use building called “Boulevard on the Greenway” in Boston, Mass. TREVIICOS chose the 15010 because of its size and maneuverability around the confined jobsite with historical surroundings.


The “Boulevard on the Greenway” will house 31 condos, five artists lofts, club room, fitness center, concierge, and a parking garage. Jamie Kelly, TREVIICOS representative said, “The availability of machines, along with the ease of renting and honest sales reps who are always present and willing to provide support, are a few of the reasons why we choose Empire”.

TREVIICOS was founded in 1997 when TREVI combined it’s world wide experience with ICOS’ knowledge of the North American market. They were awarded to contract for the “Big Dig” and have a large presence from the Greater Boston area to New Orleans and Florida.


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