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Scheuerle SPMT Used During Nuclear Submarine Decommisioning

Construction News: Specialized Transport

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Scheuerle SPMT used during nuclear submarine decommisioning.

May 17, 2017 - A total of 42 axle lines of Scheuerle SPMT have been delivered to Russian Rosatom subsidiary company, RosRAO, and have successfully been used during the decommissioning of nuclear submarines.

RosRAO began operations in 2009 and quickly stepped into the management of spent fuel, radioactive waste and decommissioning services. 

 In need for reliable equipment, RosRAO turned to TII Group. To ensure safe operations, TII Group service units performed on-site trainings with RosRAO personnel. During the first operations, reactor compartments of dismantled submarines were moved to a long-term storage facility. RosRAO switched from a rail-bound transport system to Scheuerle SPMT  to be more flexible, yet maintaining a maximum degree of safety and reliability.


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