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PRINOTH Announces New Dealer in Ontario

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August 8, 2017 - PRINOTH is proud to announce CG Equipment located in Southern Ontario, Canada as its newest tracked vehicles’ dealer in Canada.

CG Equipment has been added as a PRINOTH dealer to represent the PANTHER line-up in Ontario where there is an influx of activity. Well-established as a construction dealer, CG Equipment will service the province’s various markets as well as other off-road projects and industries.

Having announced many new partners in the past few months, PRINOTH is proud to report that the number of new dealers representing them throughout North America has grown significantly since the beginning of 2017. “Pipeline construction for oil and gas is certainly on the increase. There are many external reasons that generate this level of interest in PRINOTH’s products but our technology combined with the outstanding quality and reliability of our platform, are two qualities we feel dealers are seeking when selecting new product lines to take on,” commented Doug Little, Director of Sales at PRINOTH.

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