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Manitex International, Inc. Announces $12 Million New Crane Order Taken at ICUEE 2017

Oct. 04, 2017 - BRIDGEVIEW, Ill., (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Manitex International, Inc. (NASDAQ:MNTX), a leading international provider of cranes and specialized lifting equipment, today announced that it has received a new order for 29 Manitex cranes to CraneWorks, based in Houston, Texas, both for the expansion of its rental fleet and for retail sales.

Over the course of 2018, CraneWorks will add $12 Million in Manitex cranes to its North American inventory, including quality products like the 35124C, TC40142S, 40124SHL, and TC50155SHL. In total, this new purchase will add more than 1,200 tons of lifting capacity to the CraneWorks sales fleet, giving customers multiple options as their needs change.

“CraneWorks is proud to be a longstanding distributor of Manitex products,” said Keith Ayers, CEO of CraneWorks. “Our customers trust us to provide reliable lifting equipment at an affordable price point, and we know Manitex won’t let us—or our customers—down. Today’s announcement with Manitex further cements the long and fruitful partnership between our two companies.”

“We appreciate the confidence in and commitment to our products from CraneWorks and we look forward to continuing to serve their customers’ needs with our market-leading products,” said Steve Kiefer, President, North America for Manitex International. 

About Manitex International, Inc.

Manitex International, Inc. is a leading worldwide provider of highly engineered specialized equipment including boom trucks, cranes, and other related industrial equipment. Our products, which are manufactured in facilities located in the USA and Europe, are targeted to selected niche markets where their unique designs and engineering excellence fill the needs of our customers and provide a competitive advantage.  We have consistently added to our portfolio of branded products and equipment both through internal development and focused acquisitions to diversify and expand our sales and profit base while remaining committed to our niche market strategy.  Our brands include Manitex, PM, Badger, Sabre, and Valla.


Manitex International, Inc.
David Langevin
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
(708) 237-2060

Darrow Associates, Inc.
Peter Seltzberg, Managing Director
Investor Relations
(516) 419-9915


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