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Certified Boom Repair Service Unveils New Website

30 Year Old Company Steps Into 21st Century

November 6, 2017 - Certified Boom Repair has recently unveiled a new website. With new features such as an e-commerce platform, newsletter sign up and blog the company ventures into the present and ramps up its online platform.

“Our website has always been a good way for potential equipment owners to discover and learn more about the repair process and Certified Boom Repair in general”, says  Founder and President Mike Smith. “Some of the new features and benefits should give visitors to the website a more in depth view into what we do here at Certified Boom”.

In addition to reinforcing its service capabilities which include hydraulic and lattice boom repair, mechanical service, maintenance and more, Certified Boom Repair has introduced an
e-commerce page to give visitors the opportunity to stock up on Lube-A-Boom products, rigging and more. With the addition of a blog and newsletter service, the 30 year old service company is reaching out to current and future connections by sharing relevant industry content, company updates, current projects and more.

“We hope people will learn more about our product and service offerings through the newly designed website with e-commerce capabilities”. Certified Boom Repair Service, Inc. is a 30 year old company that specializes in boom repair, structural welding repairs, heavy equipment service, maintenance and more.

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