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Grayhill Highlights Series 62 Optical Encoders

Cost-effective, long-lived optical encoder available in a range of design options

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November 8, 2017 - Grayhill, Inc. highlights the availability of the Series 62AG, 62NG and 62SG Optical Encoders, which feature optical switching technology for exceptionally high operational life, and provide excellent tactile feedback to the user. The Series 62AG, 62NG and 62SG  encoders deliver significant advantages over other switch technologies in healthcare electronics, communication systems, navigation devices, precision test and measuring equipment, sound editing consoles, and automotive applications.

Grayhill encoders lead the industry in: reducing shaft wobble; durability, including side load, impact load, and pull out strength; life rating; switch haptics, such as torque consistency; and seal integrity. Cost engineered with a single PCB assembly and patented Light Pipe design, the Series 62AG, 62NG and 62SG encoders are high-quality components for a wide range of applications.

Output options include absolute or quadrature 2-bit binary code. Custom shaft and threaded bushing sizes are available, as well as other customized features such as detents and tactile feel, termination and cabling, and mounts.

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