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Transporter Industry Internationals Names Dr. Gerald Karch as CEO

Dr. Gerald Karch

July 11, 2018 - TII (Transporter Industry International) Group has named Dr. Gerald Karch as its new CEO. TII includes the Scheuerle, Nicolas, Kamag, and Tiger brands. Karch’s appointment was announced by company founder Otto Rettenmaier. 

Dr. Karch, 54, holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering and has about 20 years’ experience leading industrial companies. He was most recently CEO of concrete pump manufacturer Putzmeister. 

In his role as chairman of the TII’s management Board, Dr. Karch will continue driving forward the strategic reorientation of the TII Group: "I look forward to working in a family business with a significant history of innovation and a long-term future strategy," he said. 

Said Otto Rettenmaier, "With the position of CEO, we bundle our operative business units across multiple locations worldwide. In order to be able to continue to operate successfully in a changed market environment with increasing globalization, digitization, and automation, we are constantly developing our products and organization."  

Susanne Rettenmaier, managing partner of Rettenmaier Familienholding, said the company is convinced that Dr. Karch is an industry expert, who, together with the company’s management team and highly qualified employees, will lead the company into a sustainably successful future.

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