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The Crosby Group Invests in Verton Technologies

Feb. 19, 2021 - The Crosby Group, a global leader in lifting, rigging, and load securement hardware, has made a significant investment in Verton Technologies, a company whose products include load-orientation technology that removes the need for human-held taglines in lifting applications.

Crosby is headquartered in Richardson, Texas. Verton is headquartered in Australia. Its load-orientation innovations play a critical role in improving the safety and productivity of global lifting operations.

The Crosby Group and Verton will collaborate to accelerate market adoption of the game-changing technology. By leveraging The Crosby Group’s global footprint, Verton will bring an elevated level of safety to an increasing number of workers.

Crosby CEO Robert Desel said, “We are thrilled to partner with Verton in this rapidly growing space.  This investment is a perfect strategic fit due to our common end user base and our shared values of safety, reliability and innovation.”

Verton’s solutions include Everest 6, a 20-ton load orienting spreader beam; Everest 30, a modular load orienting system for a broad range of working load limits; and Windmaster, a load orientation device for wind turbine erection.

Verton CEO Trevor Bourne added, “With this new partnership, Verton can dramatically increase the pace of innovation and the penetration of our products in the market. As a global leader with strong brand recognition, The Crosby Group creates an exciting platform for Verton’s future.”

This marks The Crosby Group’s fourth transaction in the past 24 months, including the acquisitions of Straightpoint, Gunnebo Industries, and Feubo.



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