The Hot Line Crane Guide is an excellent resource used by crane owners and buyers. It features information on models from more than 100 crane manufacturers, including serial numbers, specifications, and pricing. This is a great historical reference with data included on models dating back to the 1950s.


Specifications include: years manufactured, engine requirements, horsepower, tonnage, maximum boom length and weight, plus serial numbers and auction and retail pricing.


• Locate hard-to-find specifications on models that are no longer being produced and also on new equipment.

• Look up serial numbers to discover what year the equipment was manufactured.

 • Research what equipment is worth on the auction block, what price dealers are asking, and what its estimated loan value is.


Hot Line Crane Guide includes data on nine categories of cranes:
All Terrain Cranes • Articulating Cranes • Boom Trucks • Crawler Cranes • Hydraulic Truck Cranes • Lattice Truck Cranes • Rough Terrain Cranes • Tower Cranes • Industrial Cranes


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