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Used Cranes

For thousands of years, devices with simple pulley systems have made heavy lifting more accessible for building tall structures, placing heavy objects, and constructing homes or other structures. Today, cranes use a similar type of lifting philosophy but feature much more complicated designs. Other the years, as technology has advanced, owners are trading in their used cranes for updated models.

Used cranes can be a variety of types, including boom trucks, all-terrain cranes, crawler cranes, truck cranes, crawler cranes, and industrial cranes. They often feature normal wear and tear, as they have been working on construction sites. However, if the machines have been cared for and maintained, they will make a suitable equipment for a number of contractors. To sell used cranes, owners may sell the crane through word of mouth, listings the equipment on popular cranes for sale websites, such as, or they may place an advertisement in business-to-business magazines that reach a broad range of potential buyers.

On, used cranes that date back to the 1950s have been listed for sale, while other units are from the current year with only a few engine hours. Some cranes may need to be rebuilt or remanufactured, depending on the wear of the machine. Current used cranes listings on the site may require the new owner to replace key components, such as the hook block, winch, or hydraulic hoses. They may also need to have the cylinders remanufactured in order to be efficient for the new owner. Additionally, components including used rigging gear, lifting devices, and hardware may be listed for sale with the used cranes.

Crane owners may sell their used cranes all over the world, although freight may be costly for some buyers located out of the country they are being sold in. Payment for the equipment and freight should be arranged between the seller and buyer before the transaction is made.