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Advertising Rates & Sizes

Cover Rates   Ad Sizes in Inches:
Front Cover $4,725 1/4 page = 2.125” x 3.64”
Inside Front Cover $3,150 1/2 page horizontal = 4.5” x 3.64”
Inside Back Cover $2,100 1/2 page vertical = 2.125” x 7.625”
Back Cover $3,675 full page = 4.5” x 7.625”
    full bleed = 5.375” x 8.625”
Priority Page Rates (full page)    
Page 3 $1,890
Page 5 $1,740
4-Color Front Glossy $1,575
Market Place  
Full Page $1,260
Half Page $840
1/4 Page $475

*All rates are NET
All invoices are payable upon receipt. Advertisers are responsible for submitting all materials by the artwork deadline.  In the event that no acceptable artwork for reserved space is furnished by the artwork deadline, the Publisher reserves the right to repeat a previous advertisement or, if none exists, to hold the advertiser liable for the cost of the reserved space. Ad cancellations must be received in writing 2 weeks prior to ad close.

Mechanical Specs:
PDF (high resolution - 300dpi, CMYK, all fonts included)
Application Files: Adobe Indesign CS3, TIFF or JPEG, EPS


Bonus Distribution

Call 1-800-231-8953 for more information.

Crane Guide Sections

In Sections by Crane Categories
To Include:

  • All Terrain Cranes
  • Articulating Cranes
  • Boom Trucks
  • Crawler Cranes
  • Hydraulic Truck Cranes
  • Industrial Cranes
  • Lattice Truck Cranes
  • Mini Cranes
  • Rough Terrain Cranes
  • Tower Cranes

Crane Guide Format

All Information is Formatted To Include:
*Please note: missing information was unable to be obtained by manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer Model
  • Tonnage Main Boom Length
  • Serial #
  • Breaks for Years Manufactured
  • Specifications
  • Weights
  • Dimensions
  • Average Resale Value



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