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Taylor Swift and Usain Bolt Finally Hit Crane Fame


In an intriguing fusion of glamour and crane-naming creativity, Greenock, Scotland, is preparing to welcome two huge stars! Well, two cranes named after two huge stars: Taylor Swift and Usain Bolt.

At 39 meters (128 feet) tall, the two cranes, affectionately dubbed Craner Swift and U-Crane Bolt, are poised to make a significant impact on the town's docks. Crafted with in Ireland, these £25 million giants are gearing up for their debut in Greenock's bustling port in the coming months.

Originally reported by the BBC, the journey toward naming these cranes was as spirited as it was imaginative. Organized by Peel Ports Clydeport in partnership with Inverclyde Council, a competition was launched, inviting local schoolchildren to lend their creativity to the task. Among the bright young minds, Avaleigh Lang from Lady Alice Primary soared to victory with her homage to Taylor Swift, while Frances McFadden from St Mary's Primary School captured hearts with her clever nod to Usain Bolt.

Lang and McFadden will now have their names forever etched on a plaque to be prominently displayed alongside the cranes, securing their place in Greenock's history.

While the anticipation for Craner Swift and U-Crane Bolt's arrival builds excitement, it's important to note the broader implications. These towering symbols of progress are not just about the celebrity buzz; they signify a significant boost to trade and productivity in Greenock's port.


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