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Sarens Group Buys 20 RT Cranes from Global Crane Sales/Zoomlion

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Sarens purchased 20 Zoomlion RT cranes in 2012.


September 19, 2012—In April, Global Crane Sales, in partnership with leading crane manufacturer Zoomlion, sold 20 rough-terrain cranes to Sarens, one of the largest crane rental companies with 101 entities in 51 countries around the word. Sarens purchased 10 RT35 models and 10 RT55 cranes.


Sarens already owned 10 RT55 cranes from a previous purchase and used them in its operation for more than 12 months. Satisfied with the results of the first 10 machines, Sarens decided to add an additional 20 cranes to its fleet in Northern Africa, and it will possibly expand the use of the Global/Zoomlion rough-terrain cranes in the rest of its fleet worldwide.


Since the purchase of the 20 rough terrain cranes last April, Global and Zoomlion has delivered the first 15 machines. The last five RT35s are scheduled to be delivered this month.


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