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Hirschmann MCS Installed on Military Mini Crane


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Spydercrane URW375


November 28, 2012Hirschmann Mobile Machine Control Solutions reports that Spydercrane has installed the iVISOR mentor load moment indication system, the gSENS LWG 154 cable reel, and the compact pSENS DAVS pressure transducer in its URW375 mini crawler crane, which is used by the U.S. military for maintaining its aircraft.


With its compact design, the URW375’s stowed dimensions are only 4.27 x 5.64 x 13.94 ft (W x H x L). The crane has a capacity of 6,680 lbs. at 8 ft. with a maximum working radius of 39.8 ft.


The Spydercrane URW375 is used specifically for ground support to maintain and recover downed Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopters. They fit inside the CH-47 and can be transported to different bases or into an area where a helicopter may have been brought down by unfriendly fire. The URW375 can quickly and easily be set up by the operator for the task.


The iVISOR mentor LMI assists in making precise lifts by showing the operator everything they need to know at a glance, including actual/allowable load, boom length, boom angle, and load radius.


This LMI meets all of Spydercrane’s requirements. It interfaces with Spydercrane’s external warning light and features integrated electronics and display. The system utilizes CANbus technology, which reduces the number of required conductors.

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