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FCOC Meeting Discusses Type and Capacity Certification Issue

fcoc panel

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FCOC Type and Capacity Panel


December 12, 2012—More than 70 attendees (a record turnout) were present for a regular FCOC meeting on Dec. 7 in Orlando, Fla. The highlight of the event was a panel discussion to focus on and help clarify the pending OSHA requirements on certification, specifically the type and capacity issue.


The panel discussion kicked off with comments by John Wessel, FCOC’s managing director. OSHA's  Brian Sturtecky framed the main objective of the panel, which was to discuss the current debate going on in the industry over the “Type and Capacity” issue


Bill Smith of NBIS was the first panelist to speak and gave his perspective on the matter and how it was never the intent of CDAC to require type and capacity to be part of the OSHA crane standards. Representatives from the three leading certification organizations—NCCCO, NCCER and CIC —also discussed their perspective on the topic. Many audience members also voiced their concerns over the current wording of the OSHA regulations and the economic impact it would have on their organizations.


Sturtecky observed that the industry needs to work together if there is to be any kind of modification to the standard, adding that as currently written there should be no doubt that OSHA will enforce the standard as written when it goes into effect  on Nov. 14, 2012.


He also shared the Top 5 deficiencies found in the region:

1. Signal person not being qualify;

2. Material is not being rigged by a qualified rigger;

3. Training not documented;

4. No annual inspections performed by a qualified inspector; and

5. No record of daily inspections.


FCOC 's new website


In recent weeks, the FCOC has launched a new website,, making it easier for the industry to find news, connect to various FCOC social media outlets, members-only areas, an Events tab to reserve a seat at an upcoming FCOC meeting, and a Join Us area to pay membership dues online through PayPal.


The new site design and administration was donated by associate member Allied Insurance Brokers. Jeff McGeary of Allied demonstrated the new site during the Dec. 7 FCOC membership meeting.



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