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Houston International Insurance Group Joins as Sponsor of MCM & CIC Crane Operator Rodeo

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March 18, 2013—For the third year, the MCM & CIC Crane Operator Rodeo Regional Qualifiers and National Championship will return, providing operators in North America the opportunity to showcase their skills while organizers continue their efforts to promote safe crane operation. This year, Houston International Insurance Group (HIIG) has joined the event as the Official Insurance Company sponsor for the Regional Qualifiers and National Championship.


“We are very excited to be one of the sponsors of the Crane Operator Rodeos because these events identify with the reality of the inherent risk management culture that truly exists in the crane and rigging industry today,” said Kevin Cunningham, president of HIIG’s Construction Division.


construction insurance

HIIG is the Official Insurance Company sponsor of the MCM & CIC Crane Operator Rodeo.


“With the explosion of the ‘24/7 News Media Cycle,’ too often we only hear of random crane-related accidents when, in fact, the crane and rigging industry has evolved into one of the safest construction industry segments, based on actuarial claim statistics,” he continued. “The overall heavy industrial and construction industry segments greatly benefit from these Rodeos, particularly with the growing interest in the Regional Qualifying Rodeo events because they personify the true quality control belief systems that exist within the crane and rigging industry today.”


Seven Regional Qualifying Rodeos are on the schedule in 2013, beginning in June at Wood’s CRW and Crane’s Aerial Truck Service in Boston, followed by Empire Crane in Syracuse, N.Y., in July, and at Kolo Training in Edmonton, Alberta, in August. In the fall, ITI will host September’s Regional Qualifying Rodeo in Woodland, Wash.; the San Diego AGC will hold an event in October; and Webber LLC will be the Regional Qualifier in Houston in November. Crane Institute of America and the Florida Crane Owner’s Council also will hold a regional event in Orlando, Fla., in the fall.


Dates for each Regional Qualifying Rodeo will be announced on Winners of the skills competition at each event will move on to compete at the National Championship at ConExpo 2014 in Las Vegas, Nev.

“The MCM & CIC Crane Operator Rodeo Regional Qualifiers and National Championship underscores the need for safe crane operation, which can only be achieved through training and experience,” said Guy Ramsey, MCM president.


According to Debbie Dickinson, CIC executive director, “The program’s goal is to increase awareness of the 2014 OSHA requirements for operators to be certified by type and capacity; to raise the stature and visibility of crane operation as a profession; to recognize operators for achieving the skills required to be successful; and to provide positive visibility for the crane and rigging industry.”

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