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On the job in Colorado with Maeda Mini Cranes

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June 27, 2018 - Maeda Mini Cranes are designed to provide powerful lifting where bigger cranes aren't the right tool. That's exactly what Keelty Construction needed on a recent job in Colorado.

The Aspen based firm put the zero-emission electric powered MC285-2 Maeda Mini Crane to work on an extensive multi-use building refurbishment. Because of its compact design and minimal working space requirement, the MC285-2 was perfect to fit the available space on a confined sidewalk area to remove 100 old and decaying beams from the façade, and replace them with new steel beams.

Scaffolding and temporary walkway tunnels constricted the sidewalk work space even more. The city imposed additional cost factors if parking spaces or street lanes were obstructed, requiring Keelty to find a lifting solution using only the sidewalk area. With retail stores operating adjacent to the job, noise and exhaust were also an issue. The use of the Maeda electric motor power system eliminated both issues, allowing for quiet operation with zero exhaust.

"This was a particularly tough project for our company," said Brandon Ford of Keelty Construction. "We could not have done it without the Maeda MC285-2."


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