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CCTY Bearing Completes New Forging Factory


September 6, 2018 - CCTY Bearing has expanded its forging capabilities with a new 129,167-sq.-ft. factory in Xuyi, China. 

In addition to more space for forging, the factory can perform turning and heat treating. 

Completed in August 2018, the facility was constructed directly in front of the company’s old building, expanding the total work area to 236,806 sq. ft. 

Both buildings, which triple the original capacity, will be used to increase production. “Up until this factory was built, tie rods were the only component that needed to be outsourced for forging,” said Bob Zhao, CCTY Bearing president. “Now we have complete in-house control over all aspects of forging.”  

The new facility and 120 skilled employees allow CCTY Bearing to forge tie rods ranging in size from small linkages to those more than five feet for heavy trucks. Crimping, welding and threaded options, along with heat treatment, are available from the Xuyi, China location. 

“When combined with the other on-site critical processes like welding and PTFE weaving, it is easy to see why we are able to consistently produce highly precise bearings,” said Evan Poulakidas, CCTY Bearing’s North American director.


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