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Scott-Macon Equipment Adds Four Tadano Mantis Cranes

Pictured left to right are: Julie Fuller, Tadano Mantis; Allan Woodruff, Scott-Macon; Anita Woodruff, Scott-Macon; Alexander Scott, Scott-Macon; Robert Dimmitt, Scott‐Macon; Kozo Yoshida, Tadano Mantis; James Land, Tadano Mantis.

April 23, 2019 - Scott-Macon Equipment has purchased four new Tadano Mantis telescopic boom crawler cranes at Bauma 2019 in Munich, Germany. The Scott-Macon Equipment fleet will be bolstered by two new GTC-800s (88 U.S. ton capacity), a GTC-600 (66 U.S. ton capacity) and a GTC-350 (35 U.S. ton capacity).

Scott-Macon Managing Director Alexander Scott said, “We are excited to be making this multiple Tadano Mantis crane purchase. We have purchased a number of the GTC-800s in the recent past, and have been very happy with this newly designed GTC version of the Tadano Mantis crane. We are pleased to see this new design extended to the other cranes in the Mantis lineup and are looking forward to putting these additional cranes into our marketplace.”

The GTC-800 features a five-section, 141.1’ main boom, plus a 58.1’ bi-fold jib. The GTC-600 has a four-section, 118.1’ main boom (58.1’ bi-fold jib), while the GTC-350 has an 89.3’ boom and 42’ extendable jib.

GTC Series cranes have automatic switching load charts for operation at up to 4° out-of-level; the level ground charts for Tadano Mantis machines are for slopes to 1.5°. The GTC cranes also feature the Tadano AML-C rated capacity indicator with OPTI-WIDTH (Tadano Mantis’ system allowing asymmetric track positioning in reduced width configurations), as well as HelloNet Telematics.

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