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Tadano Develops Two New All-Terrain Cranes


May 10, 2019 - Tadano released two new all-terrain cranes, the ATF-100-4.1 and ATF-120-5.1. Features include an economical two-engine concept, crane control AML-F, Lift Adjuster, and the unique jib HTLJ, which means its telescopable even under load.

The ATF-100-4.1 – in addition to the newest EUROMOT 5 standard – has a radius that exceeds that of comparable 100-metric-ton cranes (220,462 lbs) by 8 m (26.2’). The ATF-120-5.1 has high axle load reserves and the performance of the 150-metric-ton (330,693 lbs) class.

The centerpiece of both cranes is the new 60-m (196.8’) main boom of the superstructure. With it, the company says, the ATF-100-4.1 achieves lifting capacities that are ahead of the game by up to 100% for individual radiuses. The ATF-120-5.1, says Tadano, is one of the most powerful cranes in its class for radiuses between 16 m (52.5’) and 56 m (183.7’). With a 12-metric-ton (26,455 lb) axle load, 9.2-metric-ton (20,282 lb) counterweight, additional equipment may be taken along in addition to the 17.7 m (58’) jib with integrated heavy-duty jib.

The agile and compact ATF-100-4.1 is ideal for narrow roads and confined construction sites. With the ATF-120-5.1, operators are able to travel on public roads with an axle load below 10-metric-tons (22,046 lbs) or actually 48-metric-tons (105,822 lb) of total weight. With a 24-metric-ton (52,910 lb) counterweight, both cranes remain lean at 2.75 m (9’).

Furthermore, the ATF-100-4.1, with full 30.4-metric-ton (67,020 lbs) ballast, has a tail swing radius of only 3.8 m (12.5’). With a maximum 35.4-metric-ton (78,043 lb) counterweight, the ATF-120-5.1 has a tail swing radius of only 4.0 m (13’).

As both models have the same superstructure, the jibs (3.5 m to 31.7 m) (11.5’ to 104’) and counterweights can be used on either of the two cranes. Thanks to a hydraulic folding device, one operator can fold the jib transported next to the main boom and pin it via a crank handle from the ground.

The unusually large luffing angle of 84.7° allows particularly small working radiuses. With a load radius of only 9 m (29.5’) at 60 m (196.9’) boom length, both cranes can be positioned close to the object on confined construction sites. While on the road, the new ZF-TraXon gearbox with its hill-holder ensures high comfort and low wear of the clutch.


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