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Cropac Equipment Adds Several New Terex Tower Cranes

Cropac Equipment has invested in several new Terex tower cranes.

June 6, 2019 – Cropac Equipment has invested in several new Terex tower cranes. The order includes:

  • Terex SK 415-20 hammerhead tower cranes
  • Terex CTT 132-6, CTT 332-16 and CTT 472-20 flat top tower crane models
  • Terex CTL 260-18 luffing jib tower cranes.

Cropac Business Development Manager, James Graham, said the company added a significant amount of tower cranes to its inventory in the last 12 months and expects to add many more in the future. “Our latest order of Terex tower cranes helps ensure that we always have the right crane for our customers when they need it. We do everything we can to be the best partner to their businesses.”

The new Terex SK 415-20 hammerhead tower cranes that Cropac added have a maximum capacity of 20 tonnes (22 U.S. tons) and a jib tip capacity of 2.5 tonnes (2.75 U.S. tons). The SK 415-20 has a maximum hoisting speed of 110 m/min (360 ft/min) and higher drum capacity of 520 meters (1,706’).

Cropac‘s new flat top towers range from 6 tonnes (6.6 U.S. tons) to 20 tonnes (22 U.S. tons) in capacity, and feature an ergonomic cab to help crane operators work efficiently. Also, the CTL 260-18 luffing jib tower crane is well-suited for working in urban environments and capable of lifting up to 18 tonnes (19.8 U.S. tons).

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