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Meritor Extends Support of Wounded Vets through Shoes for Soldiers Program




June 11, 2019 - Meritor Inc. is continuing its long-standing support of wounded veterans by donating a portion of reman brake shoe sales to Wyakin Foundation, a non-profit that offers resources to wounded vets to help them transition from the military to careers.

Meritor was honored this year with the inaugural Wyakin Legacy Award in recognition of its support for wounded and transitioning veterans, through such programs as Shoes for Soldiers.

Meritor began Shoes for Soldiers in 2015 to support veterans. Since the launch, Meritor has donated money and other forms of support to Wyakin, which provides leadership development, strategic networking support, academic and career planning, and project management experiences designed to fully prepare wounded and injured veterans for fulfilling post-military skills through development of critical skill sets, as well as renewed sense of purpose and self-identity.For more information on the Shoes for Soldiers program, visit

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