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Mazzella Launches Safety Factor Podcast

Nov. 9, 2022 – Mazzella Companies has launched its rebranded Safety Factor podcast.

Designed for industry professionals, Safety Factor features discussions between like-minded experts on procedures and technologies that could help minimize downtime due to worker injuries.

Once a month, host Ben Hengst discusses some of today’s newest product and safety innovations, best practices, industry standards, and more with Mazzella’s in-house experts and industry partners.

Episode 1, available now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, sees Hengst joined by Steven Lubeck, president of Laser-View Technologies, Mark Shubel, Mazzella’s director of business and training development for crane service, and Kenny Wright, Mazzella’s vice president of process cranes and modernizations.

They discuss how smart, non-contact measurement can help create safer work zones with overhead cranes.

“Our goal for this podcast is to continue educating professionals on best practices within the lifting and rigging industries,” says Mike Minissale, director of marketing for Mazzella Companies. “With a safety-first mindset, Mazzella wants to continue being the thought leader when it comes to insights and best practices on lifting and rigging equipment.”


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