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Broderson Offers New Hi-Rail Options for IC-400-B Carry-Deck Crane

Nov. 16, 2022 - The Broderson IC-400-B, 25-USt capacity industrial carry deck crane now has added functionality thanks to a factory-designed option for rail applications.


Broderson has completed testing and delivery of several new options for the rail industry.

They include a friction-drive hi-rail system that includes pick-and-carry over the front on rail capacity in the RCL system, and a rail towing package.

These Broderson designed and installed options integrate seamlessly into the crane’s control and hydraulic systems.

The hi-rail package includes in-cab controls for hydraulic rail-gear deployment; electronic sensing of rail gear position – which configures the RCL to the on-rail, over-front load chart and reverses the transmission control so that the standard in-cab controls work without any reverse of direction; and FRA-required lighting and audible alarms.

The towing package includes a rail coupler with air-operated lock, hydraulically powered air compressor system, and in-cab rail-brake air controls.

These new options give rail industry customers a single source for a crane with hi-rail gear and factory integrated load charts for pick-and-carry over the front of the crane while on rails.


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