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New Boom-Launch Trailer Weighs 8,000 Lbs. Less than Predecessors

Feb. 10,  2023 - Nelson Manufacturing Company will unveil its all-new BLXLT line of boom launch trailers in stand F9284 at ConExpo 2023, March 14-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


This completely reimagined boom-launch trailer weighs 8,000 lbs. than the company’s standard BL models.!

The new design allows heavier booms to be launched on standard tri- and quad-axle configurations.

And it sometimes eliminates the need for booster axles and front jeeps.

Its movable rear saddle allows more adjustment in axle-weight distribution to help users meet regional requirements.

The new trailer has the user-friendly features that Nelson customers have come to expect: self-contained power units, hydraulic levelling legs, side-shift capability, and robust design all come standard.

Modular trollies allow quick, easy conversion to handle different crane booms.


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