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Cargotec Looks to Separate Hiab and Kalmar

May 2, 2023 – Parent company Cargotec Corporation is considering plans to separate its core businesses Kalmar and Hiab into two standalone companies.

Cargotec’s intention would be to separate Kalmar as a new listed company by means of a partial demerger from Cargotec.

Based on the initial assessment, Cargotec’s board of directors thinks the separation could let each business pursue sustainable profitable growth independently.

Planning of the potential partial demerger is intended to be carried out during 2023, and the potential execution would take place in 2024.

Last November, Cargotec announced that another of its business areas, MacGregor, will not be part of Cargotec’s portfolio in the future. Therefore, in parallel, Cargotec’s focus remains to continue looking for a solution for MacGregor during 2024. If the planned actions are completed, there would be three separate businesses, Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor.

The planned partial demerger would be a logical next step in Cargotec’s previously announced aim to increase the independence of its businesses. The aim of the planned transaction is to create two focused world-leading listed companies:

Hiab, an industry pioneer in on-road load handling with a strong track record of profitable growth and attractive M&A potential.

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