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Mazzella Companies Names Presidents

May 3, 2023 - Tony Mazzella, CEO of Mazzella Companies, has announced that his sons, Matt Mazzella and Adam Mazzella, have been named presidents of Mazzella Companies.

Matt Mazzella is now president of Mazzella, including Mazzella’s rigging, engineered products, and service businesses for the overhead lifting and material handling industries.

Adam Mazzella is now president both of Sheffield Metals International, a manufacturer and distributor of coated and bare metal products for engineered metal roof and wall systems, and of New Tech Machinery, a manufacturer of portable roof panel and gutter machines.

Matt began his career at Mazzella Companies in 2001, holding positions that included crane fabricator, inside sales, branch manager in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Matt’s experience also includes two years working for Bridon in the United Kingdom and The Crosby Group in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

His most recent role was executive vice president of engineered products for Mazzella’s lifting business.

Adam began his career at Mazzella Companies in 2006.

He has held several positions, including inside sales, outside sales, marketing, business development, and management.

His most recent role was executive vice president of Sheffield Metals International and New Tech Machinery.

The new structure will accelerate growth for the company and allow Matt and Adam to execute their individual business unit strategies more effectively.

Said Tony Mazzella, “We’re committed to staying independent and privately owned. The next step includes Matt and Adam in their new roles to be the drivers of their business units, the strategy, and execution of their overall plan.”

Tony Mazzella remains CEO of Mazzella Companies.

This transition allows him to focus on Mazzella Companies’ overall strategy and acquisitions, and to ensure the organization maintains its harmony and culture as the business continues to grow.

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