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A1A’s New App Helps Users Develop Rigging Plans On the Go

May 16, 2023 – A1A Software LLC, developer of 3D Lift Plan, now offers a new easy-to-use app for anyone who needs to create rigging plans.

The stand-alone application, available in the A1A Product Suite, provides detailed documentation for pre-lift planning, while also being easy to use on the go for planning in the field.

“Whether you are working in construction, heavy industry, manufacturing, energy, utilities, shipping, or logistics — anywhere loads are lifted — this tool provides peace of mind for rigging planning,” said Tawnia Weiss, president of A1A Software. “It’s also useful for estimators, sales people, project managers, and others to accomplish the level of rigging planning that makes sense for their role, improving communication, and streamlining digital documentation,” she said.

Rigging Designer is pre-loaded with options for 3D equipment, such as mobile cranes, excavators, forklifts, overhead cranes, or gantries.

The library’s more than 1,300 3D objects includes common loads lifted in construction, industrial applications, and common buildings.

Users can also create their own objects just by entering the dimensions.

To create a rigging plan, the user simply inputs the center of gravity, pick points, hitch type, sling type and lengths, and other gear, such as lifting beams, spreader frames, snatch blocks, or swivels.

Rigging Designer then calculates the sling angles and dimensions of rigging gear.

Rigging Designer is recommended for use with a tablet or desktop computer.

It features easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality and mirror/duplicate settings.

Users can add notes about the lifting equipment to be used.

They can also print a plan for use by rigging crews and field people, or create digital records that can be imported into the full version of 3D Lift Plan.

The app can be bought through Microsoft, Google Play, or the Apple Store for $250 per user.

“The A1A Product Suite application-based tools opens up features of 3D Lift Plan to people who may not need the full lift planning program,” said Weiss.

3D Lift Plan is lift-planning and crane-selection software that can simulate a crane lift. Information such as crane assembly area, critical lifts, ground-bearing pressure, and crane mat selection, can all be documented.

A1A says that from Altec to Zoomlion, 3D Lift Plan has the most crane load charts of any lift- planning software.


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