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5,500-USt Crane Shortens Coke Drum Turn-Around

May 16, 2023 - The impressive capabilities of Mammoet’s SK350 crane aided in the efficient replacement of four coke drums at a Texas City, Texas, refinery.

Drum replacement was part of a planned turnaround at the refinery.

By using the SK350, a 5,500-USt class crane, no preparation work was needed, as the crane could lift the derrick as constructed.

That saved significant time for the client and other contractors, since they did not have to modify the derrick for lifting.

In addition, the SK350 had more than enough capacity to extract the 814-USt derrick and to complete all its lifts from one location.

Also, the crane’s ring design kept ground bearing pressure low. while also completing all lifts from the same location.

First the 174’-tall derrick was removed so the coke drums could be reached.

After that, one by one, the four old 596,000-lb. coke drums were removed and replaced with new, 998,000-lb. drums.

Once all the replacement drums were in place, the derrick was reinstalled.

Each of the eight coke drums was handled with the SK’s auxiliary hook, which offered ample capacity and traveled faster than the crane’s main block.

The auxiliary block is very useful for quickly handling lighter loads.

On the SK, the auxiliary hook can lift 660 USt, plenty to lift an average coke drum, which would typically require using the main block on most cranes.

Mammoet provided manpower for two 12-hour shifts, allowing around-the-clock work that completed all ten lifts several days ahead of schedule, despite days’ of weather delays from strong winds and heavy fog.

“Using the world’s strongest land-based crane, Mammoet’s international team composed of six nationalities led the coke drum replacement project to a successful conclusion,” said Mammoet Project Manager Sidney King. “With zero recordables and despite some weather downtime, the SK350 was able to complete all the client’s lifts days ahead of the planned schedule, giving the turnaround the opportunity for ahead-of-schedule completion.”


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