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Crane-Operator Training Simulator Earns ITI and TVA Top Award

May 20, 2023 – A virtual-reality training simulation for polar crane operators has earned Industrial Training International (ITI) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) this year’s Top Innovative Practice Award from the Nuclear Energy Institute. 

The simulation used the ITI VR Polar Crane Simulator to improve training and development of polar crane operators.

To address the increasing demand for a safe, realistic, and scalable way to train a new generation of polar crane operators, the ITI Design and Development Studio worked with subject matter experts and operators from TVA and other industry stakeholders to ensure the polar crane simulator reached the highest level of realism possible with today’s technology.

ITI's Design Director - Simulation, Andrew Czarnietzki and Quality Assurance & Support Specialist, Ken Laird accepted the award and demonstrated the technology behind TVA and ITI's innovative training solutions.

Top Innovative Practice (TIP) awardees are recognized for their improved technologies and innovative practices.

Their contributions have enhanced the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants across the world.

The awards highlight the nuclear industry’s most innovative techniques and ideas in order to improve safety by promoting the sharing of fresh ideas and best practices.


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