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A Contractor’s Crawler Crane Debuts at ConExpo

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New 238 HSL

January 24, 2011—Link-Belt Construction Equipment Co., Lexington, Ky., announces an all-new 150-ton 238 HSL crawler crane, to be seen for the first time at ConExpo/Con-Agg in Las Vegas, Nev., March 22-26, 2011. The crane replaces Link-Belt’s 238 Hylab 5 in the company’s product line and joins three other HSL models—138, 218 and 298 HSL.

The crane is intended for general contractors for steel erection, bridge work, pile driving, and other tasks. Many of the crane’s features were incorporated based on input from general contractors. For example, the crane comes standard with folding upper guardrails and full-length right and left catwalks with grab handles. A rear-view, high-resolution camera and a color screen in the cab help the operator stay up-to-date on jobsite conditions, while an outside travel alarm helps keep the ground crew informed. The new HSL monitoring system allows the operator to set swing and other control parameters, creating virtual walls with audio and visual alarms.


The crane’s main boom length is 50 to 260 feet, and a fixed jib ranges from 30 to 80 feet. Maximum tip height is 310 feet with a 230-foot main plus 80-foot jib combination. A luffer will also be available. While there’s an all new top section and base section, extensions are common with 238 HYLAB 5 sections.


The crane is powered by a 286 hp Isuzu 6HK1 engine with interim Tier 4 DPF. Link-Belt has tested this new after-treatment system to ensure critical uptime. A tandem main piston pump and gear package provides total horsepower control by maximizing available power while maintaining fuel efficiency. The hydraulic pilot operated control system directs and regulates flow to deliver millimeters when needed.


Piston motors drive the swing and travel systems, front and rear winches, and the boom hoist. Main winches come standard with power up, power down, and automatic brakes. Wet-style brakes for freefall on both drums are also standard. Great feedback is also present in the freefall foot brakes, greatly reducing stress and fatigue on the operator. The 238 HSL comes with a new foot-operated, all-hydraulic swing brake. This new brake system (void of mechanical or friction components) allows the operator greater control under a wide range of conditions.


A modular counterweight removal system aids transportation of the crane. With this system, counterweights are lowered to the ground from a remote control, much like Link-Belt’s 218 HSL. Hydraulic cylinders detach in one piece with the base counterweight to reduce the weight of the main transport load. Main counterweight release and engage pins simplify the  ssembly/disassembly process. For even quicker mobility, the side frames attach via hook and pin. The main load with base and self-erection equipment weighs less than 87,000 pounds.


The crane can be found in the Link-Belt booth in the Gold Lot, #230.

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