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Certified Boom Repair Service Inc. to Repair Wrecked Truck Crane

Enlarge Image. Certified Boom Repair Service Inc. will restore this 2011 Link-Belt HTC-8675 truck crane.

December 9, 2011–Certified Boom Repair Service Inc., Tampa, Fla., will restore a 2011 Link-Belt HTC-8675 truck crane that was wrecked last summer while being delivered from the factory to the end-user. The trailer it was being hauled on got stuck on railroad tracks and an oncoming train struck the driver’s side of the crane. No one was injured in the crash, and the crane was later sold for salvage by the insurance company.

The project overview includes replacing both the driver and operator cabs, repairing the engine and transmission, and replacing the drive and steer axles. The truck frame forward of the front outrigger boxes must also be replaced, and the boom must be disassembled and repaired.


“What makes this job unique is that we’ve done all these repairs before but never all on the same crane,” said Tyler Smith, vice president business development and sales, Certified Boom Repair Service Inc. “Among the challenging aspects are the intricacies of fabricating new frame rails from scratch and re-wiring the electrical harnesses for both cabs. It’s one of the more extreme rebuilds we’ve done.”


Repairs are expected to be completed by spring 2012.


To view photos of the ongoing work being done on the crane, visit the company’s Facebook page, which can be accessed at

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