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All Erection Acquires Cranes for Infrastructure and Energy Sector Work

manitowoc 18000 crawler

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Manitowoc 18000
crawler crane


July 31, 2012ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. announces the acquisition of two Manitowoc and Grove crane packages, adding a total of 17 machines to its rental fleet. The first acquisition took place in May, which included nine units anchored by the Manitowoc 18000 crawler. The second took place in July, including eight units. Among these cranes are the GMK 7550 AT crnae and Manitowoc 2250 crawler. The total purchase of 17 new units offers a range of capacities from 40 to 825 tons. This unprecedented equipment acquisition will help meet the current high demand for more powerful equipment over 90 tons.


Package One includes cranes from 40- to 825-ton capacities:

  • One Manitowoc 18000 crawler (up to 825 tons with MAX-ER), ideal for bridge work, powerhouse projects, wind farms, or any project needing extreme capacity, mobility, and a compact footprint;
  • One Manitowoc 2250 (300 tons) with a 330-foot main boom and a 160-ft luffing jib—ideal for a variety of applications from setting steel to placing heavy industrial components;
  • One Grove RT9150E (150 tons), with the longest main boom (197 feet) on any current-production RT crane;
  • One Grove RT9130E (130 tons) with a 160-foot five-section, full-power boom;
  • One Grove RT890E (90 tons) with a 142-foot full-power boom;
  • Two Grove RT765E (65 tons); and
  • Two Grove RT540E (40 tons).


Package Two includes cranes from 65- to 550-ton capacities:

  • One Manitowoc 2250 crawler (300 tons);
  • Four Grove RT890E (90 tons);
  • Two Grove RT765E (65 tons); and
  • One Grove GMK 7550, Grove’s flagship mobile all-terrain hydraulic crane, offering a 550-ton rated lifting capacity on a seven-axle carrier.


“We are adding to our already considerable resources to handle incoming jobs in virtually all developed sectors—power plants, mills, road/bridge work, and commercial construction—but also in developing sectors such as frack mining, wind farms, and solar energy,” said Michael Liptak, ALL Erection & Crane Rental president. “These mid- to heavy-duty machines are in high demand and the new units helped us meet our unwavering commitment to serving customer needs. We are grateful to Manitowoc/Grove; they were very helpful through these past few months.”

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