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NCCA Accepts Annual Reports for Six CIC Certifications

Construction News: Crane Institute Certification

Crane Institute Certification announces that all annual reports submitted for 2012 have been reviewed and accepted by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). NCCA requires that each organization with an accredited certification program complete an annual report form to enable the NCCA to monitor continuing compliance with NCCA standards. Annual reports are due on June 1 of each year and provide data on the previous calendar year.

The following six programs have received NCCA acceptance.

  • Small Telescoping Boom Crane under 21 tons
  • Large Telescoping Boom Crane 21 to 75 tons
  • Telescoping Boom Crane Over 75 tons
  • Lattice Boom Crawler 1 to 350 tons and Over 350 tons
  • Lattice Boom Carrier 1 to 350 tons and Over 350 tons
  • Qualified Rigger and Signalperson

"This annual review process is NCCA's version of an audit," explained Debbie Dickinson, executive director of CIC. "For this review, any changes made to processes or certification tests must be documented and validated."

CIC's certification programs first became accredited by NCCA in 2008. According to Jim Kendzel, former executive director of NCCA, "CIC received more accredited certifications in the shortest length of time of any accredited organization in NCCA history." Accreditation is valid for five years.

CIC has also received preliminary application approval from ANSI and expects to add ANSI accreditations this year for mobile and tower cranes at different levels of type and capacity.

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