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Liebherr to Debut 357 HC-L 18/32 Litronic Luffing Jib Crane at Bauma

Crane Company: Liebherr

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Liebherr 357 HC-L 18/32


February 20, 2013--Liebherr will premiere its 357 HC-L 18/32 Litronic luffing jib crane at Bauma 2013. It is the successor to the 355 HC-L and has been further developed and technically optimised from that machine. The new 357 HC-L therefore fits into the range of HC-L cranes and is available in both 12/24-tonne and 18/32-tonne versions.


The maximum load capacity of the model to be exhibited at Bauma is 32,000 kg. The luffing gear has been optimised dependent on lifting capacity so that shorter adjusting times are possible. The jib of the 357 HC-L reaches its out-of-operation position at over 70° and can therefore rotate freely in the tightest of spaces. At a high crane density, this can be a crucial factor.


The 355 IC standard tower system, unique in this crane class, is available as a climbing tower system for the 357 HC‑L both for interior climbing and for climbing outside the building. A striking feature is the exceptionally compact 1.9 m x 1.9 m tower cross-section, meaning the 355 IC can also be climbed in narrow elevator shafts. For higher tower heights, the 357 HC‑L can also be assembled onto the tried and trusted 500 HC tower system.


With the exceptionally compact 6 m x 6 m cruciform base and the 355 IC or 500 HC tower systems, the new luffing jib crane can also be used in tight construction site conditions.


The design of the new luffing jib crane on the 355 IC tower has resulted in attractive detailed solutions. This means that no package is heavier than 10 tonnes so that the crane can be easily removed from high buildings using the Liebherr derrick crane. Also in terms of transport costs, the package units have been optimised and permit transport in 40' high cube containers.


The 357 HC-L has infinitely adjustable FC drive units exclusively. The entry-level model 357 HC-L 12/24 Litronic includes a 65 kW FC hoist unit, a 65 kW FC luffing gear unit with secondary brake, as well as two 7.5 kW FC slewing gear units as standard equipment for precise and targeted load handling.


As an option, the new luffing jib crane can be equipped with an even more powerful 3-gear 110 kW FC hoist unit as well as 160 kW for hoist heights up to 1100 m for use on very high buildings. This means that very large loads can be handled efficiently with speeds of up to 240 m/min. This makes a considerable difference in particular at extremely high hoisting heights in 1-fall operation.


Thanks to the simple re-reeving of the load hook from 1- to 2‑fall operation, the new 357 HC‑L ensures rapid modification for different loads with optimum hoist speed. Simple re-reeving and very high empty hook speeds support high frequency handling operations and increase the efficiency of the crane on site.


The 357 HC-L is always supplied in the Litronic version. Using the programmable logic controller PLC, the load can be moved at the touch of a button in the same way as with a trolley jib top-slewing crane in a level luffing movement. Jib movements are automatically adjusted via the hoist control so that the load hook moves horizontally. This is a key advantage, in particular for assembly and concreting work. Another component of the Litronic concept is the tried and trusted MICROMOVE. It permits high-precision positioning of the load without the hoist gear brake engaging, offering a further benefit for safe and efficient crane operations.

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