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Potain Launches Topless MCT Crane for Russian Market

Crane Company: Manitowoc

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Manitowoc introduced the latest Potain topless tower crane built at its facility in Porto, Portugal. The 8 t capacity Potain MCT 178 was introduced to customers during an event at the Manitowoc facility in Porto. The crane’s features include improved transport, fast assembly, and significant load charts. The company is targeting Africa, Turkey, Russia, and surrounding CIS countries as key markets for the crane.

Jean-Claude Doucene, Manitowoc’s commercial director for Russia and CIS countries, was at the launch event and said customers were impressed with the MCT 178.

“We developed a cost-effective crane that combines Potain’s well-known quality with the latest technology,” he said. “Our customers want cranes that make their life easier and can be erected faster. We listened to their needs to develop this crane, which is the latest in a long line of successful cranes. By having part of the crane built at our factory in Baltar, Portugal and other parts of the crane built in Zhangjiagang, China, we created a cost-effective crane that best utilizes our manufacturing capabilities.”

The crane is based on the Potain MDT 178, but with additional design features for markets such as Russia. The key difference with the new crane compared to the MDT 178 is that the MCT 178 uses Potain’s L-type mast, which is available in 5.2' or 6.5' ections. Both sizes can be used in the same mast configuration to offer better flexibility on site and to reduce costs. L-type masts offer a maximum free standing height of almost 221.7', making the crane ideal for high-rise construction.

The MCT 178 can lift 1.5 t at the maximum jib length of 196.9'. When fitted with a 148' jib, the crane can lift 4 t loads at more than 131' radius.

The crane is also designed for easier transport. The counterjib, for example, is a single monoblock design and the ballast support can be easily folded. The crane’s upperworks, including the counterjib, a 197' jib and the 50 LVF hoist winch, travels on three trucks. The cab itself is permanently attached to the towerhead, but is mounted on hinges so it can rotate for a more space-saving setup in transport.

The cabin, tower heads and hoist can be lifted as a single element by a larger mobile crane for less assembly in the air and to speed up the erection process. Mechanisms are in one location, improving communication between crane operators and service engineers for more efficient erection or disassembly. Assembling the jib at ground level has also been made easier thanks to a stepped pin and centering pin design.

The MCT 178 features Potain’s Smart View cab, which is a compact version of the company’s Ultra View cab but offers the same excellent visibility and comfort. The new cab also features a streamlined, modern design and is covered in a special anticorrosion coating.

Service points are also positioned to allow safe and easy access along the entire jib. All mechanisms are variable frequency.

The MCT 178 was subject to a comprehensive development process. Following rigorous testing, the crane now enters Manitowoc’s Pre Production Partner program where the first units will be closely monitored to ensure they work to the high standards expected from Potain.


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