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Crane Video: NACB to Bring Crane Simulators to CRC/ICHC 2013

Crane Video: NACB

Event Partner NACB


May 21, 2013 - Simulators create a real world environment for crane operators without the risk of unsafe operation or insurance liabilities. Next week at the Crane & Rigging and Industrial Crane & Hoist Conferences in Indianapolis, Ind., Event Partner NACB will bring mobile and overhead crane simulators for attendees to experience during the interactive session.


New to this year’s CRC/ICHC event in Indianapolis is an Interactive Session designed to give attendees multiple hands-on learning opportunities. The goal of the interactive session is to offer attendees an opportunity to experience new technologies and age-old strategies for training,inspecting, and managing equipment.


At NACB's Booth, a simple load manipulation exercise will challenge operators to safely place the load. Operators can operate a large scale mobile simulator for a telescopic boom crane or a desktop simulator of an overhead crane.


Watch the Crane Video below to see what to expect from crane simulation. Like what you see? Sign up for CRC/ICHC 2013, which takes place next week!


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