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Composite Advantage Offers New Outrigger Pads for Cranes Operated on Low Soil Pressure Sites | Construction News

Construction News: Composite Advantage Outrigger Pad

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LargeLOAD crane outrigger pad
for low soil pressure sites.


August 28, 2013 - Dayton, Ohio-based Composite Advantage’s newest LargeLOAD fiberglass reinforced crane outrigger pad has been engineered for work sites operating medium and large cranes on ground with lower soil pressures. This type of ground condition demands a pad with a large surface area to prevent it from sinking under the weight of the load. The super-sized pad is based on the same fiber-reinforced polymer technology the manufacturer uses in its fiberglass vehicle bridges and high-strength mats adopted for oil exploration. Available in thicknesses of 4 to 8 in., LargeLOAD is available in sizes ranging from 5-ft. by 5-ft. to 8-ft. by 8-ft.


“LargeLOAD pads are the right choice for larger equipment on soil with low pressure,” says Scott Reeve, president of Composite Advantage. “Bigger cranes with high outrigger loads need to be able to distribute concentrated loads over sizeable areas to reduce bearing pressure on the ground. We listened to customers, took their feedback and designed these pads with continuous glass fibers for maximum strength and stiffness.”


The fibers used in LargeLOAD pads are protected by polymers to resist degradation from chemicals and water. The fiberglass pads with the big footprint won’t rot like wood, they last longer, and they’re half the weight of wood pads. LargeLOAD pads also outperform UHMW plastic pads, which are not stiff enough to distribute high loads over outsized areas.


Constructed with a non-slip wear surface, LargeLOAD has a steel frame that is integrally molded with the fiberglass pad. The steel edges provide durable handling while lifting points welded to the frame make moving the pad easy. In addition to LargeLOAD’s standard sizes, custom sizes also are available.


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